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    Ramadan Mubarak

    May 27, 2017

    Now that you know how good fasting can be for you, how do you reap the most benefits from it? Its very easy to get caught up in the “what if…” cycle, what if you go to this gathering and the temptation is too strong? What if I upset my grandparents if I don’t eat? What if I don’t find healthy food?

    The first thing you need to give up is the mentality of “I’m not allowed to eat this”. No one is not allowing you, you are making a choice, and you choose to love yourself; you stop hating the process when you realize that its not I can’t have that, it’s I don’t want that. Mentally shifting your view makes all the difference, when you respect your body, you treat it better.

    The second step is realizing what your weakness is, for me its dessert, and in Ramadan it’s like walking through a dessert minefield! I know that the one bite concept never works for me, I take a bite means I finish the plate, so I don’t even attempt to. I have gone as far as walking away from people who insist I just have one, not very polite, but after refusing 10 times and they still insist, they were being rude themselves.

    If it’s a sweet flavor I crave, I would fill a bottle with iced water and the Robinson natural flavoring, hitting two birds with one stone, I’m hydrating and curbing a craving. At other times I would have a protein bar with my coffee as dessert. You have to remember that in normal days you aren’t having that much dessert, so Ramadan shouldn’t be any different. If you indulge one day it doesn’t mean you throw out all your progress, just go back to your plan.

    Another trick for me is packing food from futoor for suhoor, this way I am not wondering what to eat last minute and end up ordering, plus it makes for less wasted food.

    Focus on what this month really is, 30 days of spiritual healing, without distractions of earthly needs. Food is a form of sustenance, it shouldn’t be what your thoughts are fixated on. Enter this month thinking you are going on a detox, that you want to support the restoration of your health, and by eliminating aggravating food you are hitting a reset button.

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