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February 13, 2017

I gained 4kg, 7% Body Fat, in 2 months. Yes, 2 months undid the hard work of 12 weeks. What happened?!

Life happened, and that is very normal for each and every one of us. What’s worse? I don’t even feel like I gained any weight (my clothes still fit the same, my pants aren’t tighter, I don’t feel heavier), but what I do notice is a difference in my endurance. I have been really tired, groggy, and just not a fun person to be around.

The mood issue isn’t due to my weight gain, it’s the food that I am eating that is tipping the scales and my attitude. I have consistently failed to plan my week for the past month, reaching for quick meal fixes rather than proper meals. The fact that my cook is travelling hasn’t helped, I depended on him to cook my meals.

No excuses, this month just made me realize that you can workout all day, but if your food isn’t supporting your efforts, its fruitless.

Just a few minutes ago I devoured a fried chicken sandwich, and now I can barely keep my eyes open to write this post. Last December I was operating on 6 hours of sleep and managed to go through my day full of energy; I fueled my body properly, and it endured anything I threw at it.

Prep, prep, prep. You hear it a lot, but don’t really understand what the fuss is all about. It’s the difference between maintaining what you worked so hard for and throwing it all away faster than you can say stop.

Does it hurt? Absolutely. Will I go back to my shredding plan? You bet I am. Falling back on old habits isn’t an option, stop before you get sucked into the loop. Don’t get upset of you fall along the way, be pissed if you don’t pick yourself up and regained your momentum.

How will I regain my momentum?

1st step, hydrate. One major thing I noticed with the winter months is that I am down to 1 liter of water on a good day (as we all do). My target is to get 3 liters per day starting today.

2nd step, go green. I’m drinking my salads, since I am having a hard time eating them. I plan on blending 3 smoothies (purely green, no fruits) and having them throughout the day. This isn’t the same as juicing, these should be filling.

3rd step, protein. Since I don’t have a cook, I will need to figure out where my protein is coming from. Some restaurants serve good options, but I always feel their sodium content is too high. This could be an option at work, but have to keep it to a minimum.

4th step, stop drinking my calories. I love my vanilla latte, I could have 3 per day, but all that milk and sugar isn’t helping. I plan on keeping it to 1 a day only.

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