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Why Fast?

May 19, 2017

Ramadan is a time to heal the body, intermittent fasting gives the body a break from digesting and goes into repair mode. Unfortunately what this month has transformed to is an all-you-can-eat-fest that makes you think everyone has been starved all year round.

It is a misconception to think that your body is starving during the fasted hours, and that you need to compensate by eating more when you break the fast. It is also how the majority fail at even maintaining their pre-Ramadan weight.

If you think about it, you are fasting for 15 hours, most of which you are asleep, and so for 9 hours you have the opportunity to restore what was lost. Ideally, that focus should be on hydration in the form of pure water, not juices or sodas, then the restoration of proteins and complex carbs.

What actually happens is people break their fast on dates, which is an amazing quick replenishment to a fasted body, but then continue with simple carbs that have been fried, sugary drinks that spike your insulin, and a constant supply of both in the form of never-ending dessert streams. Lets not forget the diuretics tea and coffee.

What are the benefits of fasting? This is a great infograph I found by a blog called



This is what your body can accomplish in 1 month, if you give it a chance. We seek out detox retreats, an herbal diuretic course, and many other means of body cleanses, when we have a opportunity for a month, which you are doing anyway, to do exactly that. Donโ€™t fall into old habits and make this Ramadan your best, mentally, spiritually, and physically.


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